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Are you thinking about a trip to the marvelous Grand Canyon? Is a helicopter tour a possibility? Great idea if it is! You'll need to do a little advance planning, but here are some tips that should cover the basics.

The trail winds down through the rock layers. The trail descends first through the Kaibab Limestone. These cliffs are upright and steep and have a lot of chert nodules in the stone. When the trail reaches the end of the long straightaway after the second tunnel, you will descend into the Toroweap Formation. This is limestone also but it has less chert than the Kaibab and so is softer. The slope becomes more gradual at this point and the cliffs less sheer. Below the Toroweap is the Coconino sandstone. This consists of many cross-bedded layers of sandstone which was formed from ancient sand dunes.

I actually worked at the Grand Canyon Airport for a while and had the privilege of taking many air tours over the Grand Canyon. Part of my job was to load up the passengers on to the aircraft and to unload them once they returned from their Grand Canyon air tour. I got to hear first hand from many people just how amazing their air tour was. For those considering taking an air tour over the Grand Canyon, you won't be disappointed!

As a general rule, you should choose the Grand Canyon South if you're primarily interested in spectacular natural beauty (most of the photos you see of the canyon were taken from the South Rim). The West Rim is best known for the Grand Canyon Skywalk and a thrilling helicopter flight 3,500 feet down to the canyon floor.

The Kolb Studio is a great place to visit - you can enjoy fantastic art exhibits for free. The building has been restored and it is open every day, all year long. The Desert View Information Center is on the east entrance and it is also open all year long. Then you have the Tusayan Museum, which is open year round unless there is bad weather. You'll get a closer look at the Pueblo Indians that used to live in the area and the admission to the museum is free. There are tours of the ruins that are led by rangers on a daily basis.

The Grand Canyon, with all it has to offer, is unquestionably a very popular area for resort vacations. There are a variety of lovely resorts in the area where people can relax and enjoy an extraordinary vacation in this breathtaking vacation spot. A resort is an excellent option for those that want to make the most out of their visit to the Grand Canyon.